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59 Chinese APPS Ban: Q&A


Indian Government BAN TIK TOK & UC Browser with 57 other App. Today I will decode the government policy and give answers of your all questions that are raising in your mind.

Question: What will happen to the APPS already installed on my phone? 
Answer: Government orders are reached to the Google and Apple Store of 59 Chinese APPS for BAN from INDIA. They are removing all 59 APPS one by one and TIK Tok already removed from Google Play Store & Apple APP Store. Internet Service provider and Telecom service provider have an order also from the government that they will block the Internet traffic for 59 Chinese APPS that are BANNED by the Government. After that, these APPS are in Non-Functional mode.
Question: What will happen if I don’t DELETE these APPS from my phone?
Answer: If you have these Chinese APPS in your smartphone it will not beneficial for you because you will not get any Update and developer support after that these APPS easy to hacked by hackers. You need to uninstall all 59 Banned APPS from your mobile phone, it will be good for you.
Question: I have a Chinese brand smartphone, What will happen?
Answer: There is no effect on your smartphone if you don’t have any APPS from 59 APPS list.
Question: I have Xiaomi (Redmi) Phone, what will I do?
Answer: Government Ban Mi Video Call App & Mi Community app only, so all your other Mi apps will work perfectly. 
Question: What Are Alternatives available to the BANNED APPS?
Answer: We will do another post for all alternatives of 59 Banned APPS. Stay Tuned, Stay Safe
Question: What happens Next?
Answer: Chinese Company Byte Dance Ltd. is the parent Company of TIK TOK, Helo App & Vigo Video and they have a large user base in INDIA. After China, they earn from INDIA from these APPS. After Banned by INDIAN government pressure will come on these companies. 

Some complaints are filled to the INDIAN government against these APPS, and govt said they are engaged in activities which are “prejudicial to the sovereignty and integrity of India, defence of India, the security of the state and public order.


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