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Diwali is over and Delhi air is currently poisonous due to firecrackers. The cold has knocked in many states of North India, including Delhi-NCR and the pollution level is above the danger mark, which has made dificulty in living.

Bad air is hurting pregnant women, children, the elderly and patients of asthma.

Not only this, due to pollution, people can get dangerous diseases like asthma, cough, reduced eyesight and lung infection.On the other hand, the effect of pollution has been seen not only outside but also in office and home.

Doctors recommend that you stay at home for maximum time, avoid morning walk, do not do much workouts and use masks. Sales of air purifiers are increasing rapidly and this is the time when people want to install air purifiers in their home.

Today we have made a list for you of air purifiers, which cost less than Rs 10,000. Also you will get special features in these purifiers.

1. Mi 2S Vertical Air Purifier

To avoid pollution, you can buy Xiaomi Air Purifier from e-commerce site Amazon for just Rs 8,999. It has a 3-layer filtration system with 360 degree air intake. The company has given laser particle sensor in this purifier, which completely cleans the surrounding environment. Users will also be able to control this purifier from the mobile app.

2. Philips AC1215 

The price of the air purifier is Rs 9799. The company has claimed that it can remove up to 99.97% of the contaminants from the air. It has 4 stage filtering and also eliminates viruses and bacteria from the room.  It filters the air of a standarge size room in 12 minutes. It has an activated carbon filter and double layered H13 grade Hepa filter.

3. Honywell 

Honeywell’s purifiers are sold in large quantities in India. The company has several air purifiers in different segments. AirTouch A5 is popular on the e-commerce website. Although its price is around 11,000 rupees. This company claims that it extracts 99% of the pollutants from the air. The clean air delivery rate of this purifier is 250m3/h and gives 323 sq. ft. coverage.

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